Stranger 024

Jacob M

What’s your full name?

Jacob Neil Mikelson

Were you named after anyone?

My grandfather Neil Smith.

What’s your average day like?

Long and tiring.

What do you consider to be your “home”?


 How far away do you live from where you were born?

Hours drive.

Is that distance something you think about? Do you have any connection to your place of birth?

Not very often. Yes, friends and family.

Are you in touch with anyone from your youth? Is there someone you wish you stayed in contact with, but didn’t? 

Yes many people, and no, everyone I want in my life is.

At the moment, what’s something you’re looking forward to? 


Is there anything you need with you throughout the day to feel complete?


When you look in the mirror, what do you notice first about your appearance?

Piercings / gauges / tattoos

 If you could change something about your appearance, what would it be?

How young I look.

What do you first notice in strangers?

Personality’s / attitudes.

What do think those that know you say about you?

Loud, sarcastic af. (ed.””as fuck”)

What would you hope they would say?

Funny, quiet.

What do you think strangers notice first about you?

Tattoos and piercings.

What is your proudest moment? Biggest victory?

Changing my life after my dad passed away.

What is your biggest regret? Biggest failure?

Not getting my shit together a lot sooner.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

My attitude.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Are you making plans for the future, or winging it?

Still in school and working for the government.

If you could know exactly when and how you would die, would you want to know? 


What is the one rule you try to live by? Do you feel successful at following it?

Treat everyone with respect and help the environment, sometimes I stand by the first part sometimes I fall back and realize late but try my best to and the last one I try to follow every second.

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