Stranger 022


What’s your full name?

Lauren Marie DeLong

Were you named after anyone?

Not that I know of for my first name but my middle name “Marie” is after my Aunt Marilyn.

What’s your average day like? 

Crazy and absolutely hectic! I usually get to work as a nurse before 6am, work a full day and then go to clinicals for my Nurse Practitioner degree, pick up my son Jackson by 6pm, cook dinner, snuggle with Jackson, do homework…pass out and repeat

How far away do you live from where you were born?

I was born in Kentucky and now I live in Florida, so a few states away.

Is that distance something you think about? Do you any connection to your place of birth?

I still have family in Kentucky and I think about them often and try to stay in touch as well as I can. They are my connection to Kentucky.
What do you consider to be your “home”? 

Even though I was born in Kentucky I honestly feel like California is my real “home.” My family moved to Northern California when I was young and I lived there until I was 32 years old. My twin sister, my brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, and my best friends are in California and they are my roots California is where I grew up, found myself, found my career, met Henry and gave birth to Jackson. Although I have to say, wherever Henry and Jackson are is truly my “home.”

At the moment, what’s something you’re looking forward to? 

Graduation from my Masters in Nursing with a Nurse Practitioner degree next year!!!!

What items do you always take with you when you leave the house?

Wallet, chapstick or lipstick (depending on the day), Yeti cup full of ice water, and a stack of flash cards of whatever I am currently studying.  This list changes dramatically if Jackson is with me.
When you look in the mirror, what do you notice first about your appearance?

Although I have to admit that lately I have noticed how much older I look, I usually noticed that my bangs are crooked and this drives me crazy. Just being honest!

If you could change something about your appearance, what would it be?

The deep wrinkle in between my eyes that is getting worse (also what I notice in the mirror!)

What do you first notice in strangers?

Their smile, for sure. I think a smile tells you a lot about a person.  You can tell if they’re happy, sincere, hurting and hiding it, etc. I also notice whether or not they make eye contact because I can gauge how comfortable the person is with me and this is important in my job.
What do think those that know you say about you?

That I talk a lot, and care a lot!

What would you hope they would say?

I hope people say that I am sincere and intelligent. This would mean a great deal to me.

What do you think strangers notice first about you?

My eyes or smile.

What is your proudest moment? Biggest victory?

Having my son Jackson is my proudest moment by far! I would also count this as my biggest victory since it was over 24 hours of labor and the hardest thing I have ever done! Seeing his face for the time was such an intense, raw moment and I am so proud of it.

What is your biggest regret? Biggest failure?

Hmmmm, this is a tough one. I don’t like to have regrets, as cliché as this sounds. I have made mistakes but I don’t regret them, I have learned from them and they have made me the person I am today. I do not give up easily. I may bitch and complain the whole way but I do not give up, so I can’t say I have a big regret or failure.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

I need to learn how to delegate more. I tend to think I can do EVERYTHING and I am starting to get extremely exhausted.

What makes life worth living?

My son Jackson and his beautiful, earth-shattering smile.

If you could know exactly when and how you would die, would you want to know? 

Hell no! I already worry about everything, this would kill me (get it?!)

What is the one rule you try to live by? Do you feel successful at following it? 

Everything happens for a reason is my motto! I have lived by this rule for quite some time and with positive thinking and hard work I feel like everything has its way of working out in the end. Finding the reason as to why something happened can be difficult, but when you find the reason and accept it, BAM! You’re a stronger person and you move on.


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